📺 About Proof Of Community

A series of community meetups/workshops aimed to create awareness and education around Web3 by Shardeum

🎯 Objective

💁‍♀️ #ProofOfCommunity Events

<aside> 🤝 **Meetups

Network, learn and discover new opportunities**

A great way to learn about the latest industry trends and Shardeum project from the experts including occasional spin offs where you can pitch your product to angels, and Web3 enthusiasts for potential collaboration/ advise/opportunity


<aside> 👨‍💻 **Workshops

Build, collaborate, and get expert guidance**

Anyone can create an ERC-20 token without a tech-background Or Anyone can build a NFT project. Workshops are a great place to gain practical skills and hands on experience from the Web3 experts


<aside> 👩‍💻 **Campus

Access to learning resources, bounties and mentorship**

Industry experts will go to campus and guide students to deploy smart contracts, build a front-end/back-end application with the help of Shardeum resources. Students will further get to access bounty, mentorship and ambassador programs


📄 Meetup Format

Meetup Theme Web3 Education
Avg No of Participants 50
Meetup Duration 2-2.5 Hrs

🗓️ Meetup Sample Agenda

# Agenda Duration
1 Welcome participants 5 mins
2 Intro to Shardeum 10 mins
3 Speaker 1 on a web3 topic
(Eg: Getting Started in web3) 15 mins
4 Speaker 2 on a web3 topic
(Eg; Career Opportunities in Web3) 15 mins
5 Panel Discussion (Optional) 15 mins
6 Partner/Sponsors 10 mins
7 Community Partner 2 5 mins
8 Networking 30 - 60 mins
Total Hrs 2 - 2.5 Hrs

📄 Public Workshop/Campus Workshops Format

Workshop Theme Hands-on Web3 Education
Avg No of Participants 50
Workshop Duration 2-2.5 Hrs

🗓️ Public Workshop/Campus Workshops Sample Agenda

# Agenda Duration
1 Welcome participants 5 mins
2 Intro to Shardeum 10 mins
3 Workshop 1 :
Option 1 : How to create your own crypto token on Blockchain
Option 2: How to deploy a dApp on Blockchain 1.5 - 2 Hrs
4 Workshop 2: Partner/Sponsors (optional) 15 mins
5 Networking 30 mins
Total Hrs 2.5 - 3 Hrs

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